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CVPS is PCI Compliant and Whitelisted.

PCi PA-DSS Validated

CVPS is a certified QIR.

Credit Card Processing Gateways

CVPS can process credit card transactions with virtually every credit card processor through the following gateways:

PCi PA-DSS Validated

Casino Management System Interfaces

CVPS interfaces with the most widely used Casino Management Systems and allows for:

Parking charges to be comped based on tier level
Parking patrons to redeem one time free parking prizes
Parking patrons to pay for parking with accumulated loyalty points

Interfaces are available to:

PCi PA-DSS Validated

Hotel Management System Interfaces

CVPS interfaces with the most widely used Hotel Management Systems and allows for:

Automatic import of the hotels electronic Guest Arrivals List, enabling valet users to link incoming patrons directly to their hotel folio
Automatic posting of overnight parking charges to hotel folios
Automatic posting of event parking charges directly to hotel master bill folios
On-demand posting of daily parking charges to hotel folios
Automatic posting of all parking charges to permanent hotel folios for accounting purposes
Automatic application of user based rules to minimize the possibility of chargebacks (such as automatic check out of vehicles that physically depart the garage and do not return in 24 hours)

These include:

PCi PA-DSS Validated

PARCs Integrations

CVPS offers hardware and software integrations with the best known and most widely used PARCS systems in the world.

The integrations allow for seamless solutions for scenarios where the valet process begins curbside and then moves into a PARCS controlled parking garage, or scenarios where the patron first enters a PARCS controlled garage, and then turns the car over to a valet service.

With the integrations, one set of parking lane equipment can manage both self-parking and valet movements, including valet specific features like high definition camera lanes.

PCi PA-DSS Validated

Online Parking Sales

CVPS integrates with third-party aggregators so facility owners and operators can accept pre-paid online reservations and bookings sold through:

PCi PA-DSS Validated