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Aria Series One

  • Aria Series One combines the well-established CVPS software backed by Amano McGann. Aria offers reliable US-manufactured, outdoor rated enclosures and modular USB hardware components, bringing a dependable, flexible, and low-cost parking management system to the market, and it’s really good looking too!
  • Built on the CVPS software platform, Aria combines over 20 years of software success with over 40 years of US-based hardware manufacturing to bring a simple, reliable, and low cost parking pay stations and kiosks to the PARCS Industry.
  • Clients like choices, so the Aria parking control system can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid model.
  • Using only IP and USB connected modular components, anyone can service Aria’s equipment (including of course the largest branch and dealer network in the US)

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Aria Call Center

  • Call centers are critical components to modern parking facilities. That’s why we built one from scratch right into Aria for no additional cost (yup…you read that right).
  • Built in camera and speaker
  • Push rates
  • Change monthly status
  • Vend gates
  • View lane device status
  • View transaction details

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Dashboard & Reporting

  • Of course Aria has a great looking dashboard where users can customize data views and access reports.
  • Did we mention that its multi-property as well?
  • View one location, several, a region, or an enterprise. It’s all there.

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Mobile Pay by Phone


  • With Aria’s mobile pay by phone feature, virtually every customer has a pay station in their pocket.
  • Customers simply scan the barcode on the aria ticket to be taken to a secure payment website.
  • View the fee due, apply validations or reservations, and if a customer opts to receive a receipt via SMS or email, we can send a satisfaction survey too!

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